‘’Mustn’t grumble’’ - Modelling the Great British Way

Modelling is at the very heart of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

By studying the behavioural patterns of exceptional individuals and decoding their behavioural patterns my clients are able to successfully replicate their successes.

They learn how to tune into the very belief systems and core principles that facilitate the exceptional individuals during their journeys of success.

My role as a Performance Coach is to guide my clients through the period of transition, by ensuring that the modelled behaviour becomes instinctive and ultimately seamless.

It is imperative that we learn to think and respond in an identical manner to that of the ‘model’. It is only possible to behave like the ‘model’ when we decipher and adopt their core values, their belief system.

Simply replicating responses without understanding the motives behind such responses could prove counterproductive; the response may be deemed inappropriate at best. As in the case of any professional coaching, specificity is key.

It is entirely plausible to suggest that certain individuals are gifted with the personally traits that favour great success. NLP modelling recognises this fact and aims to isolate these traits and assisting clients to effectively incorporate these traits into their very own psychological state.

The belief systems and core principles of exceptional people vary greatly from one example to the next.

The exceptional individual to be studied and decoded is carefully selected based on the client’s individual requirements.

It is not realistic to suggest that NLP modelling can successfully transform us into the next Richard Branson or Helen Sharman overnight. Each highly successful example will possess their own rich composition of inherent resources and personality traits. Through intensive and highly effective coaching techniques, that typically include elements of hypnosis, I can help my clients adopt such traits, in order to facilitate their own success stories.

By fully understanding and appreciating the successful traits of the exceptional and adopting their belief systems and values we are able to master the principles of success. It is essential that the ‘model’s’ view of the world and their place in it, is fully understood. In doing so we can decode and adopt ‘their rules for living’. The very rules that have assisted them in their journey to outstanding success.

Many of my clients are so encouraged by the results and effectiveness of this approach that they go on to mimic the body language, facial expressions and even dress code of their ‘model’ in order to maximise the potential of this coaching technique.

By viewing the world around, us as though through the eyes of the ‘model’, we are able to achieve incredible successes.

Keeping this in mind, many research studies have attempted to determine the exact traits of the true Great Britishness. Traits including the bulldog spirit, the high regard for tradition, wit and cleverness, sincerity, tolerance and politeness repeatedly rank top of such studies.

Bill Bryson the American born author who has been a resident of Great Britain for most of his adult life, captured British traits as being patient, tolerant, polite, considerate, with humour, frugal and dogged optimism. ‘’Mustn’t grumble’’ in his book, Notes from a Small Island.

With Britain’s place in the world at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness, the modelling of The Great British Way could be the nation’s greatest export. Research carried out by the British Council, suggested culture and history are the UK’s most attractive features, further suggesting that Shakespeare, the Queen and David Beckham are our biggest cultural icons.

It could be successfully argued that during these times of turbulence and uncertainty, choosing to capitalise on The Great British Way could be key to the nation’s future successes, both in terms of personal achievement and the promotion of all things British across the globe. Inclusivity and tolerance, coupled with dependability, tradition and practicality may prove to be our greatest assets.

The temptation to peek over the fence and mimic the approach of others will always be there, however it could prove far more beneficial to look closer to home for inspiration and guidance.

The Great British Way is respected the world over and has served the nation extremely well during times of struggle and incredible success. Many could benefit greatly by modelling, celebrating and promoting The Great British Way.

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