• Maria O'Meara

Dress to Impress

Don’t you just love how this time of the year nature steadily and gracefully dresses up in exuberant, vibrant colours. A colourful palette of golds and bronzes.

The change of season brings along the need for a change of wardrobe. Cosy jumpers, stylish overcoats, snug outfits and patterns to match the essence of this season.

The change of dress code changes our psychology and life outlook. Research has identified a series of psychological changes that occur depending on our choice of clothes and science suggests that ‘how we dress may just be the difference between giving ourselves the extra edge in our professional and personal lives’ - Gauri Sandra Joshi, Social Psychologist.

The way we dress can shape the way we think and consequently the way we are acting and experiencing the world around us. By making conscious dress choices we are assisting ourselves in taking control of our mood and mindset. Our daily dress choices can contribute to the attainment of our goals, wants, desires and aspirations. The way we present ourselves can be inspiring, reassuring, encouraging, calming, and equally empowering.

Dr Karen Pine in her research, 2012, she examined the connection between women’s emotional states and what they wore. Dr Pine explained that ‘Many of the women felt they could alter their mood by changing what they wore’. And I am sure you will agree when I say that the phenomenon and correlation between dress choices and mood is not explicit to women.

So, if you are seeking to feel loved, wanted, protected, and liked, why don’t you wrap yourself in that fluffy, soft and comfortable sweater that never lets you down?

If you are in a transitioning period where you are moving away from a negative life experience and looking to reinvent yourself, create a new life and have a fresh start why don’t you mark the occasion by donating those pieces of clothing that are anchored to unwanted memories and treat yourself to new and aspiring apparels.

Are you aiming for success? Dress as if you are already on that pedestal.

Do not hold back and chose your patterns and colours wisely and purposefully.

Your fashion choices have the power to shape your emotional state, generate empowering emotions and help you in achieving self-confidence, self-love, strength, and calmness. Use and chose your outfits so to anchor yourself to powerful states that can accelerate your personal performance both professionally and personally.

Dress to impress both yourself and the world! And with party season only around the corner treat yourself to a bit of sparkle and shine. You deserve it!

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