How is Empowerment


Personal Performance 



The initial appointment 

We meet... we chat.

At an agreed time and location or online where the atmosphere is safe, suitable and inviting. We will talk a bit about me, and a lot more about you!  Let's connect!

We will discuss particulars and practicalities such as time frames, booking requirements,  terms and conditions, privacy policies and loads of other far more exciting topics.

Initial appointments may take up to 60 minutes and is free.

The Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching sessions typically last around 60 minutes. If you feel that an alternative time frame would be more suitable for your current circumstances, arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs, however, the suggested minimal period of 60 mins has proved to be immensely successful for a great many clients.

Appointments take place on a weekly basis at a set date and time. Establishing a routine is essential to the success of your Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching. The aim is always for you to achieve your goals and desired states sooner rather than later.

Typically a minimum of 6 coaching sessions is required to bring about meaningful and long-lasting adaptations.

Between sessions, you can reach me by email, phone, text and or social media platforms. 

I also offer intensive Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching sessions. These sessions are offered as either half-day or full-day events. Such events are ideally suited to those who desire rapid solutions for immediate challenges.

For further clarification regarding any of the above, please contact me.

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