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Empowerment & Personal Performance Coaching is a dynamic amalgamation of methods used in 'talking therapies", life coaching and hypnotherapy, supported by powerful proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching is extremely popular in the corporate, professional, self- development, education, and training sectors and is used to enhance the full spectrum of personal excellence.

Through Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching, you are literally altering your established neurological pathways, with the ultimate intention of perfecting your personal efficiency, effectiveness and confidence.


Together through psychological adaptations, we can quite literally change the way in which you process the world around you and assist you in the development of positive, empowered and constructive pathways of thought, that will bring about successful and powerful behavioural responses.

The outcome!

  • Develop strategies and strengths that will allow you to break free from the shackles and barriers created by ineffective or destructive habits, fears and other such detrimental significant factors.

  • Manage and influence challenges and control debilitating stresses along with their associated triggers. 

  • Become an extraordinarily confident person with full control over your focused and deliberate view of the world, thoughts and emotional responses.

  • Not only thrive under pressure but actively encourage and embrace such events and environments with the purpose to develop and achieve excellence.

  • Develop outstanding communication skills that will enhance your social and business interactions and elevate your status within established hierarchies.

  • Learn to promote the best of you and shout to the world what you have to offer (in both personal and business settings).

Be the Best you!

Your Journey Starts Here!

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CAREER EMPOWERMENT COACHING is about taking control. Career Empowerment coaching provides you with the cognitive and practical tools that will empower you to take successful steps forward. Significant steps that will ultimately result in the progressive and very real development of your current career or assist you by empowering you to cultivate the strength to engineering radical change such as a complete change of direction. Career Empowerment coaching is about setting realistic and timely goals, enhancing your performance, perfecting your communication skills and developing outstanding leadership and team working abilities. Career Empowerment coaching is ideally suited to Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers, and Growing Professionals.


PERFORMANCE EMPOWERMENT COACHING is focused around offering any given client direct and dedicated 1-2-1 support and specific guidance. Embedded behaviours will be analysed and specific techniques will be formulated and indeed implemented enabling the individual to function at their optimal performance, in a composed and methodical manner regardless as to the stresses and strains they are enduring at any given time. PERFORMANCE EMPOWERMENT is ideal for individuals that engage with the public (i.e. actors, performers, public speakers, teachers and other educational practitioners), managers, team leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and those seeking the ability to function at their absolute best on-demand; be the BEST YOU at the click of a finger! 


Eliminate your fears and set yourself free! EMPOWERMENT therapy and coaching can literally eradicate any fears regardless as to how debilitating the fear has previously proven to be. This is effectively achieved by employing proven and scientifically supported NLP applications (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The re-programming process will quite literally re-wire your brain (positively manipulating your neurological pathways) in a profound and longlasting manner, that will enable you to control your emotional state and physiological responses when presented with/exposed to what was once a very real and significant fear. Those genuinely suffering from the negative effects triggered by a fear response can often justify their fear response by referring to past experiences and or many other contributing factors that serve to offer some degree of rational explanation. The fact, however, remains, fear is a state of mind. You will take control of that state, use it and turn it into power. Clients are typically astonished at how quickly they can be relieved of such a terrible reaction, a response that has plagued them for the best part of their adult life. Not only are clients surprised at the speed at which the techniques work but they are equally amazed at just how immensely effective they are. There are no half ways. When you are released from your fear you will struggle to comprehend how and why you were so previously terrified.



The effective delivery of appropriately timed and beautifully articulated communication is the key to success.

The ability to capture and sustain the focused attention of your audience is a life-skill that is as important as the air we breathe when communicating with our audience.

The benefits are endless, ranging from effective and rapid conflict management to subtle and highly sensitive close personal interactions. Whether you are looking to develop and establish a successful business plan, implement a career change, forge great relationships, develop personal wellness and or a fulfilling social life, exceptional communication is your superpower.

The aim is to develop permanent and successful communicational habits (i.e. engaged listening, controlled body language, identification, the complete mastery over your emotional states, well-timed responses, self-confidence, appropriate and articulate use of vocabulary) in order to convert ideas and opinions into constructive actions promptly and efficiently. 


MOTIVATIONAL EMPOWERMENT COACHING is essentially concerned with the acknowledgement and enhancement of the specific factors that drive you forward as an individual. These will typically be different and vary in intensity from one person to another. The realisation and acknowledgement of what truly inspires you is a fundamental necessity if your development and goal attainment ideals are to be achieved in a realistic time frame.


Quite often we find ourselves having to cope with stress and anxiety. A stress response can be evoked in many ways. Stress responses are typically triggered when we are forced out of our comfort zone; when we think we have no control over something or someone; when we are faced with a new challenge; when we worry; when we are emotionally 'low' -the list of immediate examples is vast.

Stress can, however, be a progressive condition, building up and consequently escalating over a long period of time. Stress can build up over many months often without the individual being aware of its existence before eventually reaching a dramatic and sometimes devastating climax. 

EMPOWERMENT COACHING for STRESS MANAGEMENT will equip you with both the physiological and psychological strategies required to combat and effectively manage stress in all formats. The coaching effectively enables you to quite literally take control, reframe, chunk down circumstances and significantly enhance your cognitive reasoning. By utilising the power and effectiveness of your very own humour and strength attributes, stress can quite literally be harnessed and translated into positive energy (power). You will learn how to actively welcome new and old challenges and view them as a vehicle to assist you in becoming a stronger and more competent powerful person.


SELF-IMAGE EMPOWERMENT COACHING attends to the vitally important impressions that we generate within ourselves and radiate onto those around us. A positive self-image is of paramount importance. First Impressions can engineer potential opportunities. Opportunities that can be created and secured or lost in a matter of seconds during the course of social and professional engagements. Impressions if not translated effectively can have huge implications on outcomes including but not limited to personal and financial opportunities and of course our overall happiness, enjoyment and fulfilment. SELF IMAGE EMPOWERMENT COACHING is concerned with ensuring that those who are privileged enough to share a moment of time with you are introduced to the very best of you always and without exception. All aspects of self-image are addressed independently in order to create a rock-solid polished version of you- no detail is overlooked. Your physiological posturing, clothing choice, range and appropriate use of vocabulary, the importance of effective eye contact. The list of influential attributes, physical and otherwise is extremely comprehensive all of which are potentially equally significant. We only have a snapshot of time in which to make the right impression to those that matter to us. This discipline of coaching examines and promotes enhanced self-awareness and the creation of unshakable self-confidence. With your renewed and enhanced self-confidence, the world around you will reward you exponentially. Opportunities that previously may well have passed you by, will come your way; Your family, friends and colleagues will gravitate towards the new and empowered you. Your profound self-confidence will enhance your life and the lives of all those around you.

WELLNESS EMPOWERMENT COACHING is focused primarily on self-respect and the importance of achieving a balanced lifestyle. All aspects of your life will be studied in great detail. Once examined, positive aspects can be used as a platform to further improve your existence and less positive factors can be addressed and ultimately suppressed if not removed altogether. The positive changes achieved will be longlasting and permanently reinforced by the practising of simple yet extremely powerful techniques that you will be able to exercise and perfect yourself. Emphasis is placed on examining and shifting where necessary your personal existing values and beliefs. Together we can create a lifestyle for you that is both balanced and harmonious, tailored to you, incorporating all the aspects of your life that make you the person you are. At no point are generic approaches implemented. You will be treated and indeed valued for your individuality. At no point will you be subjected to any form of predetermined judgement. The entire process is focused on you as an individual and is all about creating a lifestyle that promotes and nurtures the positive aspects of your existence.


Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, a parent, a friend or carer, RELATIONSHIP EMPOWERMENT COACHING will help you to create secure, sustainable and meaningful life-partnerships. Life- Partnerships that are based on respect, consideration and understanding. 


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