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"Starting today, I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts"

A few weeks ago I was invited by a dear friend of mine, through a Whta'sapp group, to take part in the Deepak Chopra 21 Days Abundance Meditation Program. I took on the challenge and I found that the impact it had on me was absolutely profound and wonderful. 

Consequently,  I would like to share this beautiful meditation program with you and everyone who was part of this program as a point of reference and reminder (in the event you wish to repeat the 21- day Abundance Meditation Challenge )of the remarkable journey to self-discovery and development.

For those not familiar with Dr Deepak Chopra, he is a  well-known American- Indian teacher, author and one of the best-known figures in alternative medicine.  (


The 21- Days Abundance Meditation Program consists of 21 meditations, one for each day. The meditations are only between 12- 15 minutes long each and they accompanied by a written task which again can take between 5 to 30 minutes each to complete. 

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In more detail!

Dr Deepak Chopra's powerful Abundance Meditation.

The exercises are powerful, and exactly what one might naturally do in order to create what they want. 

Dr Deepak Chopra breaks it down in the simple way only he can! This program is meant to support you in cultivating the habit of abundance. Likewise, it will be intentional, powerful, and prosperous!


I am only a conduit of information and intentions as prescribed by Dr Deepak Chopra’s program. 

The goal is to get to know yourself better and to change/clarify beliefs and attitudes.


We will work together to open the flow of abundance by committing to a 21-day practice.

As you may already know, studies show it takes 21 days to form and stick to a new habit.

IMPORTANT:  if you have any questions, text me in a private message.


 - 10/15 minutes for the meditation at a time convenient to you

 - on average 15 minutes to complete the task of the day

Participating in this practice will also support you in understanding your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs in the area of abundance. 

As we realise these blocks, we can then actively work to heal them by opening up to an infinite source of abundance.


You start the program when you are ready. Follow the days in the sequence they are designed. 


Obtaining a  dedicated journal/notebook solely for this practice is recommended. 

(It needs to have a least 30 blank pages)

Completed 1 task and meditation each day. 

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1. You have 24 hours to complete each daily task. 

2. If in the task you need to write something, write by hand, with a pen or pencil on paper.  It is desirable to have a separate notebook.

3. Before you write, come to a calm state.  Using slow deep breathing or meditation.  You can complete the task after Deepak Chopra’s meditation.

4. You are more than welcome to send questions and share experiences in a private message to me.

5. Be fully focused on the daily task, allocate time and space for it.

6. If you cannot keep the rhythm of the program and the task is not completed within a day, it is advisable to postpone the process of the program to a time more suitable to you.  

Make this decision on your own.

It is important for you to maintain the flow so that the energy input into this process does not dissipate.

7. After completing the daily task, please write the completion statement.

" Day 0 done", "Day 1 Done"  etc as a confirmation to yourself.  

Every day there will be a published task, affirmation of the day, an audio file with an explanation and a Deepak Chopra meditation.


Simply find a comfortable position to sit or lie in where you will not be disturbed and breathe deeply and comfortably.


If your mind wanders, just come back to the mantra as soon as you realise. 


The actual meditation part is only 5 mins long,

Dr Deepak Chopra's soothing voice introduces you to it first and then summarises it afterwards.

This process is an opportunity to learn how to allocate time for yourself and your development every day.  


Have an awesome adventure! 

"Starting today, I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts"

I recommend writing the phrase in your notebook and return to it several times today, the more the better. 


Mahatma Gandhi taught us to remember that our thoughts generate words, words generate actions, actions generate habits, habits generate character, and character breeds destiny.

If you've read all the guidelines and agree to follow them then write in your notebook


"Day 0 done."


That way you are confirming to yourself and you are making a promise to embark in this wonderful adventure!

For your first assignment, tomorrow, click on the link at the meditations page.


My best wishes!

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