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21 Days



"Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me"

Welcome to Day 1! 

You have 24 hours to complete the task. 


After you complete the task, please write:


'"Day 1 Done"'

From personal experience, I highly recommend doing the meditation and the task at the beginning of the day, if possible.  It changes the course of the day.

In your new notebook, make a list of at least 50 people that have influenced your life, the more the merrier.

They can be living and/or already departed people, your relatives, friends, celebrities, writers and personalities whom you do not necessarily know personally, even cartoon characters.

Everyone who has influenced you, and contributed to your growth and development at any stage of your life.

In the process of making a list, think about why you chose the person?

What has changed in your life for the better? 

Move calmly and thoughtfully.

Remember the best things about each person on the list and what they bring into your life.

Place trust in the process.

Forest Lake


"Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me"

This should also be written in your notebook and remembered during the day as often as possible.



The meditation can be found in the audio following.

This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation:

Co Hum

Co Hum

(If you find your mind wandering, just come back to the mantra as soon as you realise.)

Forest Lake


1. Meditation: Listen to the audio. Repeat the mantra.

2. Write the phrase of the day in your notebook: 

"Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me"


Remember it during the day.

3. Complete the assignment in a notebook - make a list of people who have influenced your development.

4. You have 24 hours to complete the task. I highly recommend staying on top of each daily task if possible.


Day 1

Deepak Chopra

Abundance Meditation Program

Day 1 Deepak Chopra Abundance Meditation

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