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21 Days



"Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever

I can dream"

Welcome to day 5!

Take a deep breath, trust that you have the time and resources to explore this invitation and to share more abundance with the world.
We have time for what we make time for. 

Friends Covering Eyes

Day 5 Task


Today is a great day!

The message of the Day.

Today we will penetrate the field of all possibilities, appearing in the silence of meditation.

The unlimited power of the universe is always at your disposal.

By making intuitive decisions rooted in this unified field, you can express your deepest desires.

In your everyday life, if possible, continue to cultivate silence.

Spend more time in nature, soaking up her beauty and watching how abundance manifests itself everywhere.

Immerse yourself in the energy of beautiful music; uplifting and inspiring stories; optimistic like-minded people around you.

By doing this, you will see how the field of all possibilities is widely revealed in front of you to help your dreams come true.

The Task

Today's exercise is completely devoted to the exchange and returns, a turning point in our journey! 

From today, you will be responsible for your own abundance group.

It does not have to be big. Even 2-3 people are enough.

Be creative and utilise different platforms to form your group.

Whatsapp and Facebook are very popular.


Every day, you will conduct your group through tasks from 0 to 21 days, just like you view them from me.

Today you are just creating your group and sending task 0 to it, and starting in a couple of days as the first day (provide your participants with time to prepare themselves before Day 1).


How do you open a group? 

Choose a profile photo that symbolizes abundance for you.

Name the group 

"21 Days of Abundance" or other name and invite your friends.

It is important to explain the intention of the group and say that there will be daily tasks.

Invite people from your contact list.

Invite everyone! Do not decide for other people whether it will be interesting to them or not.

Perhaps it is this flow of plenty that they need now. And you will be the conductor of abundance in the lives of these people.

Potential participants must be prepared to become part of such a process.

Make sure that only those who are ready to follow you and change their consciousness will remain in your group.

Friends may drop out of your group and you may be inclined to convince them to stay.

We do not persuade anyone. They are free to make their own choice. 

Remember, you will need to send meditations and tasks every day and make sure that only those who perform the task remain in the group, maintain the group rules and the general flow.

For some, this task may seem difficult due to the extra effort that will have to be made, or because of fear of failure or fear of the unknown or the fear of "how it looks." 

It helps to realize one’s fears, doubts, limitations that interfere with growth.

Believe me, it's easier to lead your group than you think and it's very inspiring.

You will soon get into the swing of it! 

You might wish to copy the text from these pages or copy and paste the URL of these pages so to redirect your participants to all the information needed.

You can add something from yourself if you need. If you do not know what to add, stick to the existing script. 

The participants of your group can report each day to the group that they have completed the daily task by posting to the group "Day x done". That way you can maintain the progress of the tasks.


Encourage the participants of your group to only use the group so to report their participation. In that way, the group is focused and no one is influencing anyone one way or another.  


Encourage the participants of your group to private message you with their feedback and or any questions. Share the experience and bliss.


I want to inspire you to continue and allow the community of abundance to grow.

The energy we exchange we are creating.

And judging by your feedback and private messages, you have already seen this for yourself.

Let the love in your hearts expand, because you can contribute to the well-being of others.

The consciousness of abundance is guaranteed to you.

By creating and leading your group, you will receive an extraordinary resource.


You have 24 hours to open a group.

Start Day 0 with your group (the guidelines) - This task should be completed within 48 hours, then you are ready to start with Day 1. 

When you create your group in the next 24hrs private message me: 

"Group Created."

Today there is no other written assignment other than rewriting the phrase of the day in a notebook. 

Tomorrow we will continue to work in the notebook.

Fairy Lights


"Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream"


Sat Chit Ananda

Sat Chit Ananda

Today's task is based on the law of energy exchange.

Everything is made of energy.
A person constantly exchanges energy with other people.

The first principle of this law is that balance must be maintained in everything.

If someone departed, then someone arrived. 
Energy does not disappear anywhere.

If you sent something outside, then something will return to you.

If you want to achieve a balance in everything, learn to give and receive equally.


Day 5

Deepak Chopra

Abundance Meditation Program

Day 5 Deepak Chopra Abundance Meditation

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