DAY 13


21 Days



"As I let go of the need to arrange my life, the universe brings abundant good to me."

Welcome to day 13!

Abundance and the Law of Detachment.


Today we will learn how to abandon a desire to get a certain result.

We will learn the Law of Detachment.

Abundance comes in many forms.

As long as you create through desires that benefit the whole world, you can get whatever you want.

Symbols of Abundance:

a big house, a new car or elaborate jewellery will bring waves of excitement into your life.  

And yet, these symbols may mean sacrificing the ocean for the sake of several transient waves.

"Live, overflowing with an abundance of love, passion, creativity and significance, and then these symbols themselves will “chase” you." 

--Dr. David Simon, Co-Founder of the Chopra Center

QUESTION N ° 1: What symbols of abundance do you dream of?

QUESTION N ° 2: How could they improve both your life and others?

QUESTION N ° 3: How else will such abundance positively affect your life? 

White Pillars

Day 13 Task

Think about your mum’s description from Day 11.

Consider your life and your patterns of behaviour.

Do you see some similarities between you and your mum? 

What are they? How were they formed? 

Write these reflections in your notebook.

Listen to today's meditation twice in a row.

Have a wonderful day everyone, full of light and abundance.

White Bouquet


"As I let go of the need to arrange my life, the universe brings abundant good to me" 

Om Anadham Nama

Om Anadham Nama


Day 13

Deepak Chopra

Abundance Meditation Program

Day 13 Deepak Chopra Abundance Meditation

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