DAY 10


21 Days



"Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness"

Welcome to day 10!


Abundance and the Law of Karma.

In today's meditation, we will discuss the Law of Karma, or conscious decision-making, and see how, by making the right choices, we can bring much more good into our lives.

When you make any choice, you may ask yourself: how will this choice bring more happiness and more abundance to my life and those around me?  

Having asked this question, shift your attention to the heart, and the answer will immediately become clear.

By practising conscious decision-making in this way, you will learn to observe your thoughts and make decisions that are more favourable to you.

QUESTION N ° 1: How do you make decisions?

QUESTION N ° 2: How have your decisions affected your life?
QUESTION N ° 3: How can you make a more conscious choice? 

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Day 10 Task

From yesterday, choose 2 things that limit you.

Establish a program for yourself by writing down at least 2 specific daily actions that “fix” the defect, reduce a deficiency, or realise that there is a plus side to this defect and start using it in to your advantage.

After that, immediately begin to fulfil the intent of your program.

For example: If one of your flaws is being "ungrateful," you can establish a daily journaling of writing down all of what you're grateful for.

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“Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness“

Write the phrase of the day in a notebook and keep it in your head, remembering and saying it as often as possible during the day.

Start as early as possible so that there is more opportunity to repeat the phrase of the day.

In addition, listen to today's meditation at least 3 times.


Om Kriam Nama

Om Kriam Nama

Enjoy! Namaste!

Day 10

Deepak Chopra

Abundance Meditation Program

Day 10 Deepak Chopra Abundance Meditation

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