My Coaching

Empowerment & Personal Performance Coaching is a dynamic amalgamation of methods used in 'talking therapies", counselling, life coaching and hypnotherapy, supported by powerful proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching is extremely popular in the corporate, professional, self- development, education, and training sectors and is used to enhance the full spectrum of personal excellence.

Through Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching, you are literally altering your established neurological pathways, with the ultimate intention of perfecting your personal efficiency, effectiveness and confidence.

The Outcome

  • Develop strategies and strengths that will allow you to break free from the shackles and barriers created by ineffective or destructive habits, fears and other such detrimental significant factors.


  • Manage and influence challenges and control debilitating stresses along with their associated triggers. 


  • Become an extraordinarily confident person with full control over your focused and deliberate view of the world, thoughts and emotional responses.


  • Not only thrive under pressure but actively encourage and embrace such events and environments with the purpose to develop and achieve excellence.


  • Learn to promote the best of you and shout to the world what you have to offer (in both personal and business settings).

  • Let's Connect!
    30 min
    50 British pounds
  • Let's get things done!
    1 hr
    250 British pounds