Maria O'Meara

Maria O'Meara

Maria O'Meara Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching, Oxford, London was born out of my absolute passion for continuous self-development and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of personal performance. 

My Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching is the reverberation of a long and rewarding dynamic professional journey, many years of continuous studying, researching, practising and development.

I specialise in Empowerment, Motivation & Personal Performance Coaching that concentrates on supporting my clients to realise their life purpose, achieve personal excellence, develop strategies to deal with stresses, challenges and ultimately become successful in attaining their goals.

My formal education includes a Masters degree in Applied Sociology, Postgraduate studies in Humanities - Philosophy, PGCE for the Life Long Learning Sector and a BSc(Hons) in Criminology and Sociology. I have enjoyed working in a variety of professional disciplines, including the Life Long Learning Sector, where I lectured and coached in Personal Growth and Career Development for over 10 years.

Parallel to that, I have enjoyed offering motivational coaching for adults through a variety of providers. Before developing my coaching, mentoring and teaching career, I enjoyed a long and successful career working for the criminal justice sector as a Court Order Adviser for the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

I am dedicated to empowering individuals by infusing great meaning, purpose and strength into their daily professional and personal lives.


When I'm not engaged in the extremely rewarding activity of empowering other professionals I am either thinking about empowering others or working on improving my own empowerment.

For me Personal Empowerment is not simply a job or business interest, it is a life long passion and vocation. I quite literally live and breathe Empowerment. I believe this to be the difference that makes a difference!

I love spending time with my family, inspiring them to embrace life and I dedicate my life to equipping them with the psychological tools and effective strategies that will enable them to live and enjoy life to the full. I enjoy debating with my husband (yes, I know a very diplomatic choice of words), reading, researching, writing, creating art, listening to music, travelling, and occasionally, when the weather permits, star gazing, whilst following the path of the NASA Space Station, albeit only for a few minutes, as it orbits the earth and effortlessly glides past my little part of the world. The experience although very brief in its duration really helps me to place the concerns of life into a meaningful perspective.

My personal life is powerfully simple!


I am frequently active on social media. If you would like to share your activities and thoughts with me, simply look me up and connect. 

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to familiarise yourself with the unique and highly effective services I offer.

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