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Maria O'Meara


& Personal Performance Coaching

Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching is extremely popular in the self- development, educational, training and professional sectors and is used to enhance the full spectrum of personal excellence. 

Through Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching, you will enhance and elevate your personal EFFICIENCY, EFFECTIVENESS and CONFIDENCE. You will REALISE YOUR PURPOSE and INJECT MEANING INTO YOUR LIFE.

Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching will provide you with a significant infusion of emotional strength as well as a remarkably improved cognitive capacity and realisation. It will equip you with effective strategies to combat the onset and existence of bad habits, unwanted behaviours, negativity, stress, anxiety, fears and doubts. Your self- confidence, personal performance, personal and professional relationships and wellbeing as a whole will be uplifted to levels you have never experienced before. 

You will reset your mindset and replace unwanted behaviours with positive ones allowing yourself to live a life that you want and you are proud of. 

You will improve your overall wellbeing and develop a lifestyle which provides you with opportunities to discover your potential and feel fulfilled.


Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching is an amalgamation of 'talking' therapy techniques, life coaching methods, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. In order to devise the most effective approach, elements of all the aforementioned methods will be considered and implemented according to the specific requirements of YOU.


Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching is a person-centred invigorating experience that focuses on reinforcing positivity through newly created and altered existing neurological pathways, making the altered state, not just a momentary experience of enlightenment and euphoria but, a permanent state of being.


I am a professional practitioner who is able to draw upon over two decades of research, expertise and professional practice. I am proud of a professional working career that has spanned many rewarding disciplines including Adult Education, Professional Career Coaching, Personal Performance Training and Life Coaching for individual private clients and groups. I am a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, trained by the co-founder of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Dr Richard Bandler, himself.


Through my professional and indeed proven motivational coaching methods I am able to successfully combine the most appropriate, individual-centred, techniques and strategies to bring about the desired adaptations; adaptations that are required in order to create the elixir for your empowered life, free of barriers, bad habits, unwanted behaviours, inhibitions, stress, fears and doubts and lead you to a life you want, infused with purpose, meaning and success.

Be the Best you!

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Maria O'Meara

& Personal Performance Coaching


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